The Corabia photovoltaic plant is located on a 210,000 square metre flat land located 1 km from the town of Corabia, Olt County. Corabia is located in Southern Romania, on the shore of Danube, in an area with one of the highest solar radiation in Romania.

Transeastern Power Corabia Project
Location OLT County, Romania
Energy Source and Capacity 7.0 MW Solar Park
Total Estimated Annual Production 8,891 MWh
Green Certificates Delivered 6.0/MWh (includes 2.0 GC/MWh deferred)

The photovoltaic plant is composed by 14,301 modules each having a power capacity of 240 Wp and 14,301 modules having power capacity of 250 Wp peak power for a total of 28,602 modules. The direct ground mounts for the modules are made of hot plated steel. The photovoltaic plant includes a total of 14 SMA Sunny Central 500 CP inverters. Each pair of inverters feeds a 1000 kVA LV (270 V)/MV (20 kV) transformer which is connected to the grid delivery point through underground cabling.

The combined installed capacity of the plant is 7,000 kWp. The total power generated by the plants is estimated to be 8,865 MWh per year. The Corabia Project is recieving 6 GCs per MWh supplied into the grid, with 2 GCs restricted from trading until March 2017. The plant has been fully operational since February 2013.