Rott Project

The Raul Mic Cugir hydroelectric project is a cascade of two run-of-river generating plants located on the Little Cugir River, approximately 58 km west of Sibiu in the Șureanu Mountains of Romania’s Parâng Range in the Southern Carpathians. The Cugir River originates as two tributaries, Raul Mic, or “Little River” and Raul Mare, or “Big River” before their confluence at the town of Cugir in Alba County. The Cugir River then flows north to its confluence with Mureș River. The project develops the hydraulic potential of the Little River (Raul Mic).

Transeastern Power Rott Project
Location Alba, Romania
River Cugir River
Total Estimated Annual Production 8,870 MWh
Green Certificatess Delivered 3.0/MWh (1.0 GC/MWh deferred) 1

1. In addition to the 1 deferred GC of the 3 GCs received per MWh, 1.04 of the 3 GCs received per MWh from Rott are required to be used to repay existing non-recourse EU loans resulting in Rott having only 0.96 freely tradable GCs per month until 2017

The plant is operational, and site development to date consists of an intake structure, two sections of glass-reinforced-plastic penstock (of 3.64 km and 3.85 km, respectively), and two powerhouses (one intermediate, and one final). Water is diverted from the river at the intake and travels to the first powerhouse, from which it travels to the second powerhouse. Both section of penstock are predominantly buried.

The upper generating plant, Raul Mic I is a 928 kW run-of-river facility with a concrete diversion weir and intake, a 3.6 km buried glass-reinforced plastic penstock and a concrete powerhouse with a 4-jet vertical axis Pelton turbine. The lower generating plant, Raul Mic II is a 729 kW facility that draws flow directly from the tailrace of Raul Mic I, has a 3.85 km buried penstock and a concrete powerhouse with a four jet vertical axis Pelton turbine. The combined installed capacity of the two plants is 1.657 MW