2016 Distribution Dates

  Distribution 1 Distribution 2
Record date 31/03/2016 10/08/2016
Payment Date 15/04/2016 15/08/2016
Total cash distribution per unit $0.021875 $0.15822

2015 Distribution Dates

  Distribution 1 Distribution 2 Distribution 3 Distribution 4
Record date 2015/03/31 2015/07/06 2015/09/28 2015/12/31
Payment Date 2015/04/15 2015/07/15 2015/10/15 2016/01/15
Total cash distribution per unit $0.021875 $0.021875 $0.021875 $0.021875

Tax Treatment

All distributions paid to unitholders in 2014, 2015 and 2016 were classified as return of capital.


The Dividend Reinvestment Plan ("DRIP") provides eligible beneficial holders of Units of the Trust an attractive opportunity to reinvest their eligible cash distributions for additional Transeastern Power Trust units. Participants are not required to pay any costs associated with recieving units under the DRIP, including brokerage commissions. The DRIP allows participants to acquire Trust units at a 5% discount to the 5-day volume weighted average price as calculated on the 5 days prior to the relevant quarterly ex-distribution date. For further information or to join the DRIP, unitholders should contact their financial adviser or broker